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Sådan genopfinder nyhedsmediet sin relation til borgerne. Søren Schultz-Jørgensen, Per Westergård 2018. Gyldendal Business. ... 

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Building Journalism With Community Starts With Building Trust ...


Ivo Burum 2016: Democratizing Journalism through Mobile Media: The Mojo Revolution (Routledge Research in Journalism).

America’s Battle for Media Democracy: The Triumph of Corporate Libertarianism and the Future of Media Reform, by Victor Pickard. Cambridge University Press, 2014. ... 

The Audience Commodity 
Sut Jhally ... an ad-funded media system first and foremost produces audiences as commodities. ... 
Sut Jhally1991: The Codes of Advertising: Fetishism and the Political Economy of Meaning in the Consumer Society. ...

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Dallas Walker Smythe 
... political economy of communications. ... 

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Mobilizing the audience commodity: Digital labour in a wireless world 
Vincent Manzerolle: This paper re-examines the work of Dallas Smythe in light of the popularization of Internet-enabled mobile devices ... ... 

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Forskere der beskæftiger sig med lokaljournalistik og overgangen til det digitale

Referencer - lokaljournalistik 

Abernathy, P. M.
Abernathy, P. M. 2014: Saving community journalism. The Path to Profitability.
Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press. (Amazon). (Google). ...


Ali, Christopher 
Ali, Christopher 2017: Media localism: The policies of place.
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Anker Brink Lund
Anker Brink Lund: Hvor kommer nyhederne fra? - Den journalistiske fødekæde i Danmark før og nu. På ... 
Anker Brink Lund udgivelser:

Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
​Rasmus Kleis Nielsen ed. 2015: Local Journalism: The Decline of Newspapers and the Rise of Digital Media. ...
Bogen har en analyse af de lokale medier i Næstved og et internationalt perspektiv 
... a multi-faceted portrait of the precarious present and uncertain future of local journalism in the Western world. ...

Rasmus Kleis Nielsen på ...

Penelope Muse Abernathy
Penelope Muse Abernathy on how community newspapers can face the digital transition. ...

Penelope Muse Abernathy 2014: Saving Community Journalism: The Path to Profitability.
Uddrag på Google Books
Implementing a New Strategy; 4. How to Lead Change; 5. How to Shed Legacy Costs; 6. How to Build Vibrant Community on Many Platforms ... 

Saving community journalism v/Abernathy

The SAGE Handbook of Digital Journalism
Tamara Witschge, C. W. Anderson, David Domingo, Alfred Hermida, eds. 2016
Google Books

Clay Shirky
Om internettets effekt på samfundet

Dan Gillmor

Referencer - Digitalisering

Bradshaw, Paul and Liisa Rohumaa 2011: The Online Journalism Handbook: Skills to survive and thrive in the digital age. (Longman Practical Journalism Series).
Paul Bradshaw på ...

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Gillmor, Dan 2010: Mediactive ... pdf

Gillmor, Dan 2006: We the Media: Grassroots Journalism By the People, For the People. O'Reilly Media.

Dan Gillmor bøger på ...
Dan Gillmor  artikler på

Meek, Colin 2008: Web 3.0: what it means for journalists (part 1) ...

Shirky, Clay 2009: Here Comes Everybody: How Change Happens when People Come Together. Penguin.

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Toplister's list of the leading innovators in journalism and media.

Poynter's most influential people in social media.

Localist Resources 
Books and Articles – Historical and Scholarly

Carl L. Bankston III, “Federal Control of Public Schools and the Decline of Community,” Modern Age (Summer 2010), pp. 194-197 ...



Local News Lab

Local News Lab
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Democracy Fund
Josh Stearns
Teresa Gorman

Metropolitan journalism

Conceptualizing metropolitan journalism: New approaches, new communicative practices, new perspectives?
Metropolitan journalism is a rather unspecified concept. As Sjøvaag (2015,
p. 18) pointed out. (Kramp 2016:155). ...
og kun kapitel 11: ...

The Control Revolution

Andrew L. Shapiro: The Control Revolution
Mr. Shapiro explains that "[N]o form of disintermediation is more starkly apparent than the removal of layers of news middlemen that the Net allows..." The integrity and accuracy of information is in question when it comes from sources that do not have editors, fact-checkers, or reputations at stake. Therefore, the responsibility falls on the individual to judge the accuracy of the information he receives. ...

News personalization
Personalization lets us choose what we read, hear, and watch. But, while bypassing established editors ... give us coverage more to our liking, we must be extra vigilant to ensure the information is accurate.

Filter bubble 
... As a result, users become separated from information that disagrees with their viewpoints, effectively isolating them in their own cultural or ideological bubbles.

Bradshaw, Paul 2011 and 2017: The Online Journalism Handbook: Skills to Survive and Thrive in the Digital Age.

Steve Hill and Paul Bradshaw 2018: 
Mobile First Journalism: Producing News for Social and Interactive Media. Aug 2018.